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LED Production – Special Solutions with Standard Components

Modern equipment and a highly qualified staff guarantee production of advanced LED lamps and LED components „Made in Germany“

Many products are based on the combination of single components in a modular construction system. This enables very often flexible product designing in consideration of customer specific modifications. This means a great advantage für our customers if order quantities are not suitable for serial production. But we are also well equipped for big quantities! Because our equipment and the employees are as flexble as the components. This mixture makes Signal-Construct to a sought-after manufacturer of LED products in Europe. Many well-known customers in different sectors trust in our decade-long knowhow. An intending high manufacturing depth connected with special equipment allows realization of prototypes and pilot series in short time.

Overview of our services:

  • LED Assembling and LED Tape & Reel 
    We offer processing and configuration of leaded LEDs, especially of IR components in an ESD protected production area with appropriate machines. 100% quality is guaranteed by inline tests of different parameters like current, voltage, or colour. Specialities: Complex bending according to customer's drawings, cutting the pins to measure and THT LEDs as SMT components in blister tapes.

  • Circuit Board Assembly SMD/THT
    Application of soldering paste with dispenser, mixed assembling of SMD / THT, reflow and vapor phase soldering, soldering robots for THT components.
    Additional soldering procedures: Light / Laser, inductive. Automated assembling of THT LEDs and IR diodes on boards and spacers.

  • Production of Plastic Parts
    All necessary plastic parts for insulation or housings as well as optical parts and lenses are produced on six injection moulding machines. This enables us to produce cost-effectively even small and middle quantities.

  • Light Measurement
    Optical parameters of single LEDs or lamps are tested with our own goniometer, spectrometer, optical bench and Ulbricht integrating sphere. From the first sample production on we receive so necessary information about brightness, colour, and illumination angle to realize whether product requirements are fulfilled, and to deduce possible adjustment requirements.

  • Assembly
    Depending on the product, multi-stage processes can be done automatic or semi-automatic with spot-welding machines, ultrasonic welding machines, casting units and machines for assembly of different stranded wires and cables. Components are marked with two laser marking systems.
  • Tool Construction and Manufacturing
    Tools needed for plastic part production as well as tools for assembly of single components to finished goods are constructed and manufactured in our own tooling department.

Our catalogues for LED processing as well as our other products and services can be found here.