Dimmable LED cockpit lamp, timetable reading light

Universally applicable dimmable LED cockpit lamp with 5 high-efficiency LEDs and optics for 32° viewing angle.
Ideal for bus and truck, mobile home and boat as well as timetable-reading lamp in rail vehicles.

Mini LED spot PicoStar® BA9s / E10

Power LED with lens optics and approx. 85% energy savings compared to standard 10W halogen lamps.
Due to the voltage range of 12-14V AC / DC and polarity-independent installation universally applicable in cars, motorhomes, boats and trains.

LED spot LUXOFIX with minimum installation depth and 1.7 watts

Smallest installation Ø of just Ø 32 mm at 22.5 mm depth! Ideal for installation in furniture and steel tubes.
Easy snap-in mounting and plug-and-play cabling.

New lamp holders for (LED) Festoons

Lamp holders (not only) for our LED Festoons

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