Special LEDs Optico® :
BiColor ♦ Plane LEDs♦ LEDs Ø 8 and 10 mm

Special LED's from Signal-Construct.

Plane LEDs Ø 18 mm

Large LED for 12 or 24V DC with tab terminals, for installation in front panels.

Super flat LED recessed spot Ø 50 mm SiLuX®-Plus

New super flat LED spots from Signal-Construct, replacing 10 - 15 watt MR16 halogen spots in ceilings and furniture..

Jumbo LEDs Ø 20mm for industrial use

Our big LD20 series LEDs can be operated directly at voltages of 12 or 24V without additional wiring and external cicuits.

AluLine - the LED Spot with BA15d socket

Whether reading light, accent lighting or lighting for precision work.
Durable, UV and IR free. For fixed voltage or dimming operation. Color temperature 2,700 or 4,500K.