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Compact signal tower with up to 5 colours

Kompakt-Signalsäule MKMW mit RGB-LEDs und Flex-ArmThe actual status of machines and systems at larger distances is usually signaled by signalling columns or towers lamps that are mounted on the systems themselves or on the control cabinets.

In a rigid installation, visibility is inevitably not the same from every angle. In particular during maintenance work, the view of the installed module can be restricted or obscured.

Kompakt-Signalsäule MKMW AnwendungsbeispielWith the new generation of very compact signaling lamps that are especially suitable for smaller systems and machines, up to 5 colors including white can be realized.
The lamp itself is attached to a flex arm, which means that the lamp head can be swiveled in any direction. This is particularly interesting for the version with a mounting plate, which can be flanged to the side of a housing wall instead of on top of the machine or control cabinet. An additional acoustic signal is optionally provided.

Versions for 12 and 24V DC are available as basic operating voltages. Thanks to 50 cm long strand wires, the lamps can be easily connected inside the control cabinet or inside the machine. Different plug variants are also available on request.

Kompakt-Signalsäule MKMW Anwendungsbeispiel


Further technical data and the data sheet for the RGB compact signal tower MKMW can be found here.


LED solutions Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.