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LED Festoon Lamps

Our product range of mini LED tube lamps and LED festoons now includes 6 dimensions. The festoons in 11x39 and 11x43 are offered in the power classes Basic, Universal and Power.

All sizes are available for 12/14 or 24 / 28V AC / DC or for special voltages. In addition to the basic light colours white and warm white, the lamps are also available in other luminous colours.
The integrated rectification enables optimal AC operation. At the same time, it is not necessary to consider the polarity of the socket in DC applications.

With up to 70 lm / watt, these versions can easily replace incandescent lamps in the range of 2-7 W and are also suitable for light and lighting applications.

The following table gives you an overview of the available variants.

Type / Size

Basic Universal Power
 Festoon 6x31 NEW!   MSOC06316y  -- --
 Festoon 6x39 NEW!   MSOC06396y  -- --
 Festoon 8x31  MSOC0831xyHE  -- --
 Festoon 8x39  MSOC0839xyHE  -- --
 Festoon 11x39  MSOC1139xyHE   MSOE1139xyHE   MSOH1139xy 
 Festoon 11x43  MSOC1143xyHE   MSOE1143xyHE   MSOH1143xy 

Further information on the particular series as well as order numbers and links to the data sheets can be found in our updated festoon lamp catalogue.
Click on the picture to download.

Soffitten sw kl

You will find as well our new festoon lamp holders there.

 MSOB MSOC0631 MSOE113902sw


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