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LED beacon lamp Sistar®-II with significantly improved brightness

By switching to the latest-generation middle-power LEDs, we have been able to significantly improve our approved LED beacon lamps of the Sistar®-II series.
The benefits are significantly improved brightness, more homogeneous illumination due to larger emission angles of the individual LEDs and an extended selection of colour temperatures from 2,200 to 6,500K for white and warm white.
The gain in brightness compared to the previous series is between 15% and 500% (yellow), depending on the color and voltage version.

At the same time this gave the chance to reduce the number of variants. The new lamps are designed for 12 and 24 V commonly as an 8-chip type, from 60 V as a 12-chip type.
The Sistar®-II series is particularly recommended for use in signal towers for status display on machines of all kinds.

All lamps will be supplied as true AC / DC versions and with sockets BA15d, BA15s and E14. Special voltages on request.
The new Sistar®-II are available immediately, the previous versions are expected to be available until 31.12.19.

We will gladly send you a table in which the brightness values ​​of the new and old types are compared for each colour and voltage variant.

Sistar®-II MBRD1508  Sistar®-II MBRE1408

Further product information and data sheets can be found:

MBRS1508 (socket BA15s, 12 & 24 V)

MBRS1512 (socket BA15s, 130 & 230 V)

MBRD1508 (socket BA15d, 12 & 24 V)

MBRD1512 (socket BA15d, 130 & 230 V)

MBRE1408 (socket E14, 12 & 24 V)

MBRE1412 (socket E14, 130 & 230 V)

Our LED emergency lamp MBRE1416H is still available as 16-chip variant and are not affected by this change.

These lamps and other LED innovations can be found in our catalogue LED Power On Lamp Sockets.

LED innovation Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.