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MinoStar - Power LED module for up to 700 mA

Whether front or rear mounting - our MinoStar with its dimensions Ø 38/24 x 17/7 mm - can be easily used anywhere, even in confined spaces.

Its minimalist design allows it to be used likewise in homes, business premises or exhibitions, while the integrated cooling fins in the aluminium housing please the eye and support the thermal management for the power LED. The LEDs can thus be operated with a current of up to 700 mA (approx. 2.2 watts), whereby a luminous flux of more than 220 lm is achieved with white. That means an installation of 4 of these spots equals the luminous efficacy of 100 watts incandescent lamp power while consuming barely 9 watts.

The spots are available with angles of radiation of either 15°, 30° or 45 °, and in addition to the usual luminous colours red, yellow, green or blue available in 5 different gradations of white, from warm white to cool white with a color rendering index of up to Ra 85.

The spot is provided with red and black insulated wires with cross-sections of 0,22 mm² (approx. AWG24) and a length of 30 cm, with miniature plug and contact pin for easy and reverse polarity safe wiring when connecting more than one spot in series. Operation only with a suiatable constant current source.

Signal-Construct MinoStar®

Further information and data sheets can be found here.

LED power Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.