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LED Festoon Lamps

The LED festoon lamps from pour new series MSOC / MSOE 08xxHE and 11xxHE LED can easily replace incandescent lamps with a power of 3 to 7 watts. They efficiency achieved for this product range of up to 70 lm / watt which means an energy saving of 65%.
Available in sizes 8x31 / 39 and 11x39 / 43mm. In addition to the light colors white and warm white, festoons in the luminous colors red, yellow, green and blue are also available with significantly better brightness values.

Further information as well as links to the product pages of the individual series can be found in our Festoon Lamps catalogue.
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You will find as well our new Festoon Lamp Holders there.


LED innovation Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.