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LED front panel indicator SMLUX08 + SPAD08

In addition to the extensive standard range of LED displays for front and PCB installation, our focus is also on the development and production of indicators for problem-oriented applications.

SMLUX08 by Signal-ConstructExamples are the new version of the SMLUX08 - which is specially designed for use in front panels, which allow a stepped bore through an appropriate material thickness. As a result, the glass optics of the lamp is nearly flush with the panel's face, so that contamination is almost impossible even in harsh environmental conditions.

The combination of high-intensity LEDs with a biconvex optical glass lens also provides long distance perceptibility.

SMLUX08 by Signal-Construct

The modules can be supplied in 5 colors and for different operating voltages.

Information and data sheet for SMLUX08 can be found here.


Our SPAD08, sturdy LED indicators that have already proven their worth on tracked vehicles on construction sites, are designed to IP68 protection, are inserted into the front panels from the rear and fastened with a reflector that can be screwed on from the front.
Again, different versions are available.

 SPAD08 by Signal-Construct SPAD08 green SPAD08 red Signal-Construct SPAD08


LED-Lösungen Made in Germany. Von Signal-Construct.