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New Multi-Look® LED lamp series MWKB22

Our existing series of MWC / MWE multi-look LED lamps, which are often used as indicators and warning lights in switches and push-buttons of various manufacturers, have now been supplemented by an additional version with significantly brighter performance. The general design of the lamps for full AC / DC operation is retained.

Neue Multi-Look® Serie MWKB22


The improvement was achieved through the use of a new LED generation in combination with a diffuser element developed by Signal-Construct, which, in addition to protecting the LED, also increases the viewing angle.

The product range includes luminous colours red, yellow, green, orange, blue, warm white and white. All versions are fully AC / DC-compatible due to the integrated bridge rectifier and are produced in the voltage variants 12 / 14V, 24 / 28V, 42 / 48V, 60 / 70V, 110 / 130V and 230V. Available sockets are BA9sE10, E14 and BA15. Polarity-independent installation is a significant advantage, especially in DC operation.


Neue Multi-Look® -Serie MWKB22The advantages at a glance:
- Luminous efficiency improved by up to factor 5.
- High colour stability.
- Lens diffuser ensures uniformly brightness brightness regardless of batch.
- Also suitable with base E14, BA15d and BA15s as a replacement for common mains voltage lamps.
- Shock and vibration resistant.

 MWKB22 Multi-Look®

Datasheet MWKB22x4 (24/28V, BA9s)

Datasheet MWKB22x8 (230V, BA9s)

Datasheet MWKE22x4 (24/28V, E10)

Datasheet MWKE22x8 (230V, E10)


LED-Innovation Made in Germany. Von Signal-Construct.