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Miniature LED lamps with bipolar function 

For miniature lamp sockets such as Bi-Pin, wedge-base or slide base lamps (telephone slide base, psb) the polarity of the lamp socket is usually not recognizable with DC supply.
If the lamp does not work on the first attempt, it has to be removed, turned over and put back in place.
This can be avoided by using appropriate lamps with bipolar function.

Signal-Construct offers both 2-way rectification lamps and dual-chip technology in the field of miniature lamp replacement.
As a result, these lamps are fully AC / DC compatible.

All standard LED colors are available, including warm white, with the following sockets:
(Click the part numbers for further information.)

BiPin 2,54 / Ø 4,2: MWTP42xx

BiPin 3,17 / Ø 5,6: MWTP56xx

Telephone Slide Base:

T4.5: MWTT45xx

T4,6: MWTT46xx

T5,5: MWTT55xx

T5,5 kurz: MWTK55xx 

T6,5F (French socket, T6,8F): MWCT65xx

T6,8: MWTT68xx

Wedge Base:

W2x4,6d: MWTW46xx

W2,1x9,5d: MWGW95xx


LED lamps AC/DC with slide base & wedge baseLED lamp AC/DC with base T4.6LED lamps AC/DC with base T5.5LED lamps AC/DC with base T6.8LED lamp AC/DC with base T6.5F

LED lamp AC/DC withe wedge base W2.1x9.5dLED lamp AC/DC with wedge base W2x4.6dLED lamp AC/DC Bipin 2,54 / Ø 4,2LED lamp AC/DC Bipin 3,17 / Ø 5,6

hese and more innovative lamps can be found in our catalogue Power on Lamp Sockets.

LED safety Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.