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Jumbo LEDs Ø 20mm for industrial use

Without additional wiring and external cicuit, our LED series LD 20 can be operated directly on voltages of 12 or 24 V. Due to the size of the illuminated surface and the homogenous radiation over 180°, the LED is also ideal for use in plants and machines.LD20 tab terminals
The 12V DC-Type has an integrated protection diode, the 24V is designed as a bipolar type for true AC / DC operation.
The completely encapsulated housing complies with protection class IP 67 and offers an excellent on / off contrast due to the matted surface.


All LEDs feature tab terminals 2.8 x 0.8 mm for solderless wiring. This design is also available as 3-pin 2-colour version, optionally with common anode or cathode, also with tab terminals. Various color combinations such as red / green, red / white or even white / blue are possible.

LD20 with mounting clip

For direct installation in front panels, an additional mounting clip for screw fastening (27 mm bore) is optionally available.

Further information and datasheets for the Signal-Construct Jumbo LEDs:Jumbo LED LD20 all colours

LD20, single colour: Separate or with mounting clip

LE20, multi colour, common cathode: Separate or with mounting clip

LK20, multi colour, common anode: Separate or with mounting clip

You can find these Jumbo LEDs together with more innovations made in Germany in our catalogue LED indicators for panel mounting.

LED technology Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.