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Spacers for 3-pin THT-LEDs

In many cases, THT LEDs are even superior to conventional LED/light guide combinations.
This can be the better lateral visibility or also the homogeneous illumination if a more than point-shaped information display is desired.

Spacer DAH33 for 3-pin LEDs

If the LED is to be mounted on the PCB and a distance of several millimetres to the front panel has to be bridged, corresponding spacers in various designs are the first choice. However, the range for 3-pole LEDs is very limited and, depending on the LED used, the pins have a pitch of 1.27 or 2.54 mm.

Spacer DAH33 for 3-pin LEDs Spacer DAH33 for 3-pin LEDs

For LEDs with 1.27 mm pitch, the pins are often arranged in a triangle on a circle Ø of 2.54 mm to facilitate soldering. For LEDs with pins arranged in a single-row in a 2.54 mm pitch, Signal-Construct has now realized the DAH33 series, which is equally suitable for 3 and 5 mm LEDs and is available in heights from 3.5 to 5 mm.

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